Personalized telephone support

The quality of the customer service is our identity signal, that’s why we look for the same values for each and every one of its clients.

We attend your calls as if we were part of your company. At the reception desk you can centralize and filter the calls of the clients that are installed in the business park as well as the external ones.

The procedure for managing calls in the switchboard will always be the same: the reception staff will gather a series of data about the caller in order to properly inform the client. Therefore, it will ask name, surnames and company before transferring the call to the client or corresponding dispatch. The personalized call attention service is provided with multilingual character.

The systematics is the following:

  • Exclusive number and telephone service with the name of your company 11 uninterrupted hours from Monday to Friday
  • Call notification and notification according to customer instructions, billed according to rate (All options include a maximum number of calls so all those that exceed this limit will be billed separately according to current rate)
  • Possibility of diverting calls to mobile