Agenda management

With this service NETWORKIA goes a step further in the telephone service. The management of agendas allows at all times to have access to modify their appointments as well as their work schedules so that we can give updated information to their clients.

This service is ideal for independent professionals (doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers …) because they will be able to fully dedicate themselves to their professional activities, their agenda and calls being handled by us.

At any time you will have access to your agenda via the Internet and we can confirm appointments or communicate last minute cancellations without having to worry about the update or the creation of it.

If you wish, at the end of the day we can send you the agenda of the next day by email.

Management case studies:

  • Putting together interviews or meeting attendees: in the case of organizing a meeting meeting where you summoned the attendees represents an investment in important time can count on us and thus avoid calls and redials to confirm attendance at this type of events.
  • Messages reminders to the visits: the day of The visit to your client will receive a reminder message via e-mail or SMS informing you of the time of the meeting. You can specify the time in advance with which you want to notify your customers.
  • Reminder telephone call: our telesecretary will call the contacts in your agenda to confirm or remember the time and date of the appointment. In this way we can confirm the visit, modify the date or cancel it and thus not waste unnecessary time due to lack of assistance.
  • Reassignment of waiting lists: in the event that a client can not attend his / her appointment, at this time we will call those who are on the waiting list so you can optimize your time and improve the benefits.
  • Impossibility of seeing the client: in the case of an unforeseen event or delay we will always call your client to inform you of the cancellation of the appointment and schedule another day for the visit.

Ideal for independent professionals or for the call of meeting attendees.