Networkia Business Center

Neware is formed by a group of professionals with years of experience in the sector whose main objective is to provide answers to all the technological needs of companies.
Currently, technology has become a key element for the operation of all types of business. The criticality and complexity of IT services is such that any incidence in these services has a strong economic impact.
NETWORKIA through Neware offers managed solutions in the areas of Systems, Networks, Security, Hosting, Design and Software so that companies can focus on their business and not have to divert their resources to the management of their IT services infrastructure. Our sole objective is to be your technology partner and help you define and implement solutions tailored to your company.

CustomSuits is a boutique consultant creating and managing flexible workspaces.

We develop innovative and efficient projects with a vision of the future, focused on new models and business organization.

We help in the management of your real estate assets, their development and expansion, as well as the advice and organization of spaces.

With over 15 years of experience in the flexible space sector, CustomSuits offers a comprehensive solution to real estate asset owners who wish to revalue and leverage their assets.

Sant Cugat Consulting

Sant Cugat Consulting, born in 1993 and becomes a reference office in the Vallès in the field of management, taxation and business law. A team close to the client, formed by 15 professionals specialized in the tax, accounting, labor and legal areas of the company. Each year they invest in the training of their team to guarantee a quality service that is fully updated. In the same way, they renew their IT tools to facilitate the management and relationship with their clients.

Its mission is to give the opportunity to companies and freelancers, to be able to run their business, from the point of view of the professional of the management, with information and security in the decision making, as well as to have among their collaborators, highly qualified personnel. qualified at a very affordable cost.

Sant Cugat Consulting and Networkia Business Center sign a collaboration agreement with the aim of creating synergies between the services offered by both parties, reinforcing the image of quality before the clients taking advantage of the prestige of each one and improving the customer service by expanding the scope of influence and performance.

Messrs Pep Gil and Juanjo Martínez, main representatives of each party, formalized this agreement so positive for both companies in July 2013.