Explore the facilities you’ll get with Networkia


Our team is oriented to feel welcome from day one, even before installing.

At all times, you will have First Class Support as a reference that will personally address your technical, administrative, logistical needs and, of course, everything you may require in your workspace (meeting room, corporate office, coworking, flexible office …) so that your stay in NETWORKIA, for as long as it may be, develops as well as possible.

Great Place to Work

Faithful to the philosophy “Great Place to Work” from NETWORKIA we contribute to offer all our clients a pleasant workspace in a broad sense.

Everything is perfectly studied: the location of our workspaces & coworking is unbeatable in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the work spaces are spacious, bright and comfortable to work.

The common areas incorporate points for disconnection and relaxation (terraces, brainstorming corners, coffee points …), informal work areas for the promotion of innovation and continuous improvement, perfectly equipped dining rooms and, booths where you can make calls or videoconferencing Confidential and private. And all this, under an exhaustive study of the lighting of each of the environments to get the best of each of them.

We foster synergies between companies

We like to merge talent and ideas that give rise to new concepts or businesses, because we believe that sharing and exchanging opinions helps us grow.

Our way of working is to maximize the resources to reduce expenses on unnecessary or superfluous things.

We are Green

In Networkia we are committed to a green and sustainable planet because we know the convenience of taking care of him and his future. We work every day to offer our customers a caring and environmentally friendly environment so that they also feel involved.

Throughout this year we will replace the entire plastic vein with biodegradable vein, a waste selection system will be installed in all our offices and we are betting day by day for the implementation of a paperless office.


All our spaces have professional and redundant fiber optic. In addition, they have the electronics that guarantee computer security, which allows us to be prepared to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Before each incorporation, the client that requires it delivers its list of technology requirements to configure its customized infrastructure.

Total Easy

We want our clients to have 0 problems with regard to the workspace and everything related to it.

We intend to make your day to day easy through technology (high reliability, no interruptions, 1.6 GB symmetrical speed), contractual and space flexibility, 24 × 7 office access, private parking or, failing that, agreements with parking in the area, in addition to a wide range of services to accompany you at all times and provide you with everything that is complementary so that you can focus on your core business.