• Alquiler oficinas por horas

    Flexibility for professionals is essential especially when, due to their activity, they perform most of the tasks at the client’s home or from their own.

    A permanent physical space does not give them any advantage, but a fully equipped hourly office that they can use for as long as they decide can really contribute positively to: company image, productivity, trust and customer loyalty … in short, in their deal.

    The office service by hours includes:

    • Private office
    • Professional internet connection (symmetrical and redundant)

    There are the options of: office by hours, office part-time, full-time and bonuses of 10, 25 and 50 hours.

    Products related to office by hours and other options that can be hired:

    • Personalized telephone service either punctual, for each occasion as permanent (in the latter case it includes an exclusive number)
    • Secretarial services (Agenda management, attendance confirmations …)
    • Catering and coffee breaks
    • Virtual Office (In all its modalities)

    Request information by calling 900 900 092 or sending an email to networkia@networkia.es

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