• The years go by and the needs change and adopt another lifestyle. Especially if we refer to the office life style, we can say that the open space is less attractive and the collaborative one is more attractive. From here, coworking is born.

    This space makes offices an environment that favors communication and collaboration among employees with large open space areas compensated with other spaces where you can achieve greater concentration, privacy or relaxation when the task requires it. It is clear then, that these collaborative spaces will continue to be (and increasingly) fundamental in our daily lives in order to work efficiently.

    Coworking offices, such as Networkia Business Center, have arrived to demonstrate that there was a giant attention in collaborative environments and companies are willing to pay a high cost for having spaces in such coworkings because they are highly stimulating and generating contact networks.

    In short, opting for a coworking space is one of the best ideas for companies, professionals and entrepreneurs and that these shared offices make it possible to have flexible hours and separate personal and work hours. The coworking spaces in Networkia are related to make coworkers feel at home because they are located in modern and young spaces where the design is designed to foster creativity and comfort.

    That said, would you bet your team, to work in a flex office? Discover our services at www.networkia.es!

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