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    It is true that they say that when a worker feels good in his office – be it for the environment, for the workplace, for his colleagues – he gets more positive results and works more efficiently.

    Networkia, based on providing workspace services, is committed to creating a more fluid, relaxed and totally positive energy environment so that its customers can feel like fish in the water while doing their work. This time, we have opted for the Feng Shui system in the centers of Barcelona, ​​for the moment.

    Many of you will ask what Feng Shui is and we will clarify the doubts:

    • Feng Shui is an ancient Taoist philosophical system based on the conscious and harmonious occupation of space, in order to have a positive effect on the people who inhabit it.
    • Guided by the principles and techniques of Feng Shui, manages to balance and balance almost every area of ​​personal or professional life, the basic principles of which are to achieve the maximum balance point between the environment and the person himself.
    • Feng Shui’s analysis covers the external environment and the interior of the space, taking into account the directions, shapes and colors. It takes into account the geographical orientation of the property along with the year in which it was built. These data determine what energies commonly known in Feng Shui as “stars” come from eight main directions to the center of the property.
    • Depending on what you find in your path: shapes and objects outside the property; the location of the doors and windows through which it can flow; shapes, objects and colors inside the property, the impact of energy can be more or less benign. It can provide opportunities or create challenges in various areas of life.

    This new system will allow us to finish perfecting our centers in terms of energy and environment and, we believe, is an important step forward in order to be able to achieve more effectively each objective that we have in mind.

    Feng Shui en Networkia
    Feng Shui en Networkia

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