• flexible office

    It is being shown that one of the bases of success for good business planning is being able to have a level of flexibility that allows us to adapt to the reality that is presented to us on a daily basis. Right now, committing to long-term rentals is risky and at least complicated. This is when the flexible office comes into play.

    The work teams distribute their activity among several spaces: the office, the house and other spaces equipped for this purpose. You may not need spaces capable of housing the entire team since, if they are combined and they do not all coincide at the same time, an office that has half the positions may be enough.

    In this sense, having the ability to expand and reduce workspace is also an important advantage since at a certain point we may need to reduce the workforce and, after a while, expand it in response to a reactivation of the activity.

    The flexible office space

    The flexible office space, as its name indicates, offers flexibility in time and number of workstations with its consequent impact on the budget of the company that will be able to adapt according to the needs that are required at all times.

    From the private office, through the Office Pass, the virtual office and the meeting room vouchers are solutions offered by the NETWORKIA Workspaces in order to facilitate the office service on demand or also called pay-per-use. These are services adapted to the new times and with all the guarantees both health and safety.

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