Networkia Business Solutions

Corporate offices in Madrid

The new workspace in Madrid reaches 1,700 m2 and has a capacity of up to 220 sites configured in 30 offices, all of them with natural light. The spaces are distributed in coworking area, meeting & coffee areas, 6 meeting rooms, individual offices and offices of up to 60 people. In addition, the center has its own parking in the same building.

It has private offices which are designed and designed so that professionals and companies live together like fish in the water. Well, here at Networkia we are clear that we want to provide your business with exactly the type of space it needs at the time you want it.

So, why not take advantage of this OPPORTUNITY? 1 free month for those annual contracts in our business center in Madrid near La Castellana, a neighborhood with a totally perfect environment to carry out your business.

Promotion meeting rooms in Madrid

The new Networkia workspace located in Madrid near La Castellana, has two fully equipped meeting rooms that offer a wide range of services.

In this business center we have the Cuzco Room, with a capacity of up to 10 people, which is ideal for carrying out your regular meetings of your business and also the Goya + Velazquez Room with a capacity of up to 40 people perfect for working breakfasts and Networking Internal meetings, product presentation, business meetings, project planning …

Are you really going to miss this great opportunity? Do not let them tell you and have a successful meeting.